Home is where culture, love, comfort is found, and it is how we present ourselves to society. Office is the second home where we work and achieve success and growth.

CASA is the place to find your persona and reflect it wherever you are!

A high end multi brand store equipped with home & office accessories, fragrances and decorative glass art.

CULTI MILANO was born of an intuition from the eclectic mind of Alessandro Agrati: namely his perception, which was incredibly ahead of its time, that spaces and objects might have their own scent too; that it was possible to surround oneself with olfactory quality, in addition to beautiful things in pleasant rooms.

A story, an artistic excellence, a typically Italian passion Founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini, a Milanese lawyer, and Giacomo Cappellin, a Venetian antiques dealer, Venini SpA, then Cappellin – Venini & C., would become a model of excellence in the world of artistic glass, laying the foundations for a stylistic identity that still distinguishes it today.